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Metal Bank

In 2009 we obtained Bank of Italy’s authorization to purchase and sell fine gold, whereas we have had the trading license for fine silver since our foundation.

We can provide the best conditions to sell your precious metals, thanks to continuosly up-to-date quotes that you can find here on our website.

We can also provide 20/50/100/200/500 grams and 1000 grams Good Delivery ingots for investments. Our best advertisment is our clients’ satisfaction, try and see.

Cash for Gold

As for the cash for gold service, we guarantee the best market’s conditions both for your scraps’ title and for consequent fine’s quote.

The metal’s payment is immediate, you will choose between cheque and bank transfer. In addition to gold scraps we can purchase any amount of silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Being a metal bank, our firm is able to offer competitive quotations thanks to the straight connection to the foundry. You can check our authorizations issued by the Bank of Italy.


Thanks to a modern and transparent refining process, our firm is able to give you back fine gold 999,9 in ingots or foils, starting from the scraps or alloys which you bring to us.

The same process is used to treat silver, platinum and palladium; we are firmly convinced that in order to create a wonderful jewel it is necessary to start from the finest raw materials. To show our professionalism we give you an immediate deposit on the goods you leave to us.

This work has been doing by our company since 1975, keeping up-to-date on new technologies; you will always count on our experience.

Ashes Treatment

Thanks to our modern systems, we are able to offer a high quality ashes treatment. We can recover precious metals from wastes, such as:
Gold and silver scraps;
Gold sweepings;
Crucibles, slag and production process residuals.

What you can get from our ashes treatment is:
Maximum recovery levels;
Processing shortes time”