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Purchase terms & Conditions

Purchase terms & Conditions

Customer will fix bullion price via telephone through a Doma Srl’s operator. Then we’ll be waiting for customer’s documents (passport/ID card, fiscal code) copy to be send via email or fax, and then we’ll send the Order Confirmation in which customer can find purchased produtcs’ recap as well as IBAN code on which the payment must be made. Order confirmation must be signed by customer as purchase acceptance and must be send back to Doma Srl as stated in the “Order Annulment” paragraph. Since purchase price fixing moment, price will remain the same regardless of future market’s fluctuations.


Customer will pay the amount specified in the “Purchase Order confirmation” on Doma Srl’s bank account indicated in the above-mentioned “Purchase Order confirmation”.


Purchased products shipment will be done through specialized and authorised courriers. Shipment cost will be entirely at customer’s expense.

Order Annulmente

Doma Srl will annul the purchase order unless Order Confirmation is not signed and send back by the customer within 5 working days from Order Confirmation receipt. Doma Srl will also annul the order unless the payment is not credited on Doma Srl’s bank account within 7 working days from signed Confirmation’s receipt.